Sunday, August 16, 2009

The 8th Semiannual Brians Awards (Period 3) - May 15th, 2009


Best Actor in a Leading Role—Robbie Holden (Birds)

Best Actress in a Leading Role—Alexandra Bizios (N and N)

Best Actor in a Supporting Role—Sam Emrie

Best Actress in a Supporting Role—Joe Cunningham

Worst Zombie Slayer—Sean O’Halloran

Best Executive Producer


Best Picture—Lessons from Birds

Best Soundtrack—Last Regrets

Best Editing—Nick and Natalie

Best Make up/Costumes—The Resistance

Best Cinematography—Lessons from Birds

Best Use of Veggie Tales—Everyman’s Trouble

Best Use of Dead Children—Jealousy

Best Use of John Mercouris—Zombocalypse


Everyman’s Trouble
Josh Beard
Lauren Childers
Maria Garcia-Quesada

Lessons from Birds
Kristen Mazanek
Megan Scherer
Britt Rosenquist

Sean O'Halloran
Zaheer Haider
Lukas Kraemer

Nick and Natalie
Ashleigh Brown
Ashlyn Erickson

The Resistance
Joe Cunningham
Kyle Braakman
Dan Garhan

Nick Scheuer
Ashley Flaska

Last Regrets
Jon Haake
Paul Ceruti

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