Sunday, August 16, 2009

The 8th Semiannual Brians Awards (Period 2) - May 15th, 2009


Best Actor in a Leading Role—Jake Naumann

Best Actress in a Leading Role—Britney Jarrett

Best Actor in a Supporting Role—Colin Clifton

Best Actress in a Supporting Role—Faith Nebergall

Best Phone Slam—Phone in Sweet Song

Best Executive Producer--Mr. South


Best Picture—Trigger 2

Best Soundtrack—The Past is a Grotesque Animal

Best Editing—All I Need

Best Make up/Costumes—Mich Rickman’s Sweet Song

Best Cinematography—Trigger 2

Best Use of Napervillian Settings—Journeyman

Best Use of Hell—Judgment Day

Best Movie About Cup Stacking—The World’s Greatest

Best Use of Josh Beard—Go Bleu


Emily Kasar
John Mercouris

Mich Rickman’s Sweeeeeeeet Song
Collin Patterson
Matt Quinn
John Gallagher

All I Need
Matt Engardio
Faith Nebergall
Carly Petruski

Judgment Day
Sam Emrie
Brandy Schoen

The Past is a Grotesque Animal
James Risley
Britney Jarrett

The World’s Greatest
Colin Clifton
Esteban Gast
Zach Reiser

Trigger 2
Jake Naumann
Adrian Vargas

Go Bleu
Pat Walker
Trevor Wiseman
Matt Wendt

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