Friday, December 8, 2006

The 3rd Semiannual Brians Awards--December 8th, 2006


Best Actor in a Leading Role

Mitch Anderson in “Low”

Best Actress in a Leading Role
The girl from “Another Teenage Romance”

Best Actor in a Supporting Role
Teron Jones in “Boxman” (Outtakes)

Best Actress in a Supporting Role
Spencer Nolle in "Be Willie"

Best Death
Ryan Grillaert in “Damn Yeah”

Best Executive Producer
Brian South


Best Picture
“Box Man”

Best Soundtrack
“Duct Taped Shoes”

Best Editing
“Duct Taped Shoes” and “Low”

Best Documentary
“How They Fell”

Best Film on Fitness
"Be Willie"

Best Use of a Porsche
"Hands Without Shadows"

Best Use of a Grenade
"Frankie's Main Man" (?)

Best Use of a Box


"Another Teenage Romance"
Adam Umbreit, Grace Ford, Emily Perkins

"Frankie's Main Man"
Chris Degl'Innocenti, Pat McKeever, Paul Sadowski

"Be Willie"
Matt Marposon, Spencer Nolle, Steven Waltersdorf

Brent Seifts, Teron Jones, Mike Jones

"Duct-Taped Shoes"
Amanda Bruski, Sean Denard

"Hands Without Shadows"
Dan Kim, John Dupper, Tony Pucchio

Mitch Anderson, Dan Cortes, Matt Nicholas

"Damn Yeah"
Patt Cummings, Ryan Grillaert, Adam Baker