Monday, January 5, 2009

The 7th Semiannual Brians Awards - December 4th, 2008


Best Actor in a Leading Role—Jake Naumann in Trigger

Best Actress in a Leading Role—Tara Dudas for DB and BDs

Best Actor in a Supporting Role—Jake McDowell

Best Actress in a Supporting Role—Faith in DB and BDs

Best Actor to play at least 12 roles—John Mercouris in Delta: The Awakening

Best Robot Mr. Rochester—Sam Emrie

Best Executive Producer—Mr. South


Best Picture—Trigger

Best Soundtrack—Delta: The Awakening

Best Editing—Trigger

Best Make up/Costumes—BDs and DBs

Best Cinematography—How Not to Make a Movie

Best Worst Robbery—Aftermath

Best Breakup—How to Lose a Girl

Best Use of Kung-Fu Zombies—Attack of the Kung-Fu Zombies


"Delta: The Awakening" - John Mercouris, Sean O'Halloran, Ian McCurdy, Casey O'Brien

"How Not to Make a Movie" - Megan Scherer, Pete Jackson, Sam Emrie

"Trigger" - Jake Naumann, Ashleigh Brown, Dan Carlsen

"Babydolls and Dumbbells" - Faith Nebergall, Tara Dudas, Cole Fijolek, David Garcia

"Aftermath" - Lucas Sasveld, Jake McDowell, Steve Cozzi

"Attack of the Kung-fu Zombies" - Colin Clifton, Josh Beard

"How to Lose a Girl" - Zaheer Haider, Tracy Patten