Tuesday, January 17, 2006

The 1st Semiannual Brians Awards--Jaunary 17th, 2006


Best Actor in a Leading Role
Kevin Connors – “The Better Man”

Best Actress in a Leading Role
Whoever the girl was in “The Better Man”

Best Actor in a Supporting Role
Christer Kemna – “Every Damn Sunday”

Best Actress in a Supporting Role
Liz DiCiurcio in “And No One Else”

Best Reaction to an Offscreen Death
Alex Light in “Every Damn Sunday”

Best Cameo Appearance
TIE – Christer’s dad in “Every Damn Sunday” and Iain Dalton in “Darkstar Rd.”

Best Loser
Eric Garth in “The Better Man”

Best Executive Producer
Brian South


Best Picture
“And No One Else…”

Best Trailer
“The Fast Lane Furious Life"

Best Soundtrack
“The Better Man”

Best Costumes
“Dead Siege”

Best Editing
“And No One Else”

Best Makeup
“Dead Siege”

Best Use of Darkness
“Darkstar Rd.”

Best Use of Pirates in Winter
“Pirates of the Suburbia”

Best Use of an Extremely Dangerous Car Chase
“The Fast Lane Furious Life”

Best Use of the Undead
“Dead Siege”

Best Voiceover
“Darkstar Rd.”

Best Use of a Swingset in Winter
“The Better Man”
“Pirates of the Suburbia”
“Darkstar Rd.”

Best Single Wrestling Scene
“The Better Man”

Best Single Fight Scene
“The Fast Lane Furious Life”

Best Single Slow Motion Scene
Football throw in “Every Damn Sunday”

Best Single Camera Shot
The Camera-in-the-fridge shot from “Dark Star Rd.”

Best Single Transition
Circling the character’s head shot from “Fast Lane Furious Life”


"And No One Else..."
Liz DiCiurcio, Meghan Garhan, Sean Rochambeau

"Every Damn Sunday"
Christer Kemna, Alex Light

"The Fast Lane Furious Life"
Robie Combs, Jon Tevogt, Eric Tseng, Alex Kryzwda

"The Better Man"
Brennan Nagle, Eric Garth

"Dead Siege"
Ian Kewley, Mike Riva, Alex Jaeger

"Dark Star Road"
Iain Dalton, Beau Soesbe

"Pirates of the Suburbia"
Lauren Marino, Rachel Kuo, Sarah Hong


Anonymous said...

there is a mistake that has been taken very offensively. Kevin Connors did not win best actor in a leading role. Daniel Garhan did.

Anonymous said...

So I was recently searching my name on google like I do from time to time to see how famous I've been getting, and this time the Brians Awards came up first! I couldn't be more proud. But on a more serious note, and much as I loved Kevin Connors' performance in "The Better Man" as I remember, The Best Actor in a Leading Role Brian Award went to a young Daniel Garhan in the film "And No One Else."

Regardless, Mr. South I feel good about this little web page!