Wednesday, May 16, 2007

The 4th Semiannual Brians Awards (Period 8)--May 18th, 2007


Best Actor in a Leading Role
David Reyes in "On the Move"

Best Actress in a Leading Role
Emily Perkins in "Alice"

Best Actor in a Supporting Role
Sam Filicicchia in "15 Hours to Live"

Best Actress in a Supporting Role
Jessica Feldman in "15 Hours to Live"

Best Executive Producer
Brian South

Best Picture
"On the Move"

Best Special Effects
"Stephen Wolf Loses His Head"

Best Editing
"On the Move"

Best Lighting
"Stephen Wolf Loses His Head"

Best Use of the Presence of Medication

Best Use of the Absence of Medication
"15 Hours to Live"

Best Film Depicting a Smooth Transition into the Gangsta Lifestyle

Absolutely the Weirdest Film Ever


"Stephen Wolf Loses his Head"
Amanda Bruski, Sean Denard, Cameron Price

Adam Umbreit, Inge Moran

Chris McKeever, Jackson Engel, Miles Kerr

"15 Hours to Live"
Sam Filicicchia, Evan Frazier, Paul Sadowski

"On the Move"
David Reyes, Brittany Miller, Charles Jordan

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